Bear X

College Station, Texas is the best place to share good vibes with good people. Bear X is the first and only aquatic and music venue of its kind. Cross a pegasus with a dragon and you’re one step closer to understanding what we’re all about. We are creating a market disrupting experience that will revolutionize the entertainment industry. Finally a place created for adults (leave the kiddos at home) to come and instantly feel like you are on vacation. Ready to let your hair down and come get a little weird with us?!?!

Phase one is complete & The Cove at BearX Pool & Dayclub is currently open to the general public and our members.  The Barracks Townhomes is our exclusive student housing sponsor and as a perk, residents get free Special Access Memberships, that the public has to sign up and pay for. In addition, Bear X was created to host diverse events that range from chill days or high energy days by the pool, all the way to music and philanthropic events. We’re not just an epic pool party. Our vision is to create different experiences that you can’t get anywhere else in town.

The Cove

The Cove Pool & Day Club is an oasis filled with a multitude of amenities that combines your favorite resort activities and service and some toned-down aspects of Las Vegas day clubs. Our passion for music truly comes to life at The Cove with live performances from DJ’s and recording artists from a variety of genres. The Cove at BearX is the nucleus of “Good Vibes” in Bryan/College Station.


LongShot is a coffee lounge with delicious and uplifting treats that will scratch your itch at any time of the day. LongShot is a loud tip of the hat to our team’s entrepreneurial spirit. We want to inspire the underdogs and celebrate all of the greats who were unqualified and had a LongShot at achieving their dreams.


Southpaw is a restaurant & bar with a sexy but carefree personality. The views are unparalleled, and we are not just talking from the balcony. The elevated and eclectic modern vibes balance high energy and an internal comfort that draw guests back multiple times a week. Our bold design elements will make you smile on the inside and out.

Beer Garden

The Pizza & Craft Beer Garden is being conceptualized as we speak. Our very own craft beer brand will help create one of the main draws for year-round festivities. As one of our largest event spaces, the entertainments and socializing will never be lacking.