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September 24 @ 2:00pm-7:00pm

Wakeboard Park

Description: Come join us for the 5th Annual Smash and Bash at the BearX Wakeboard park! This event promises to be the final stamp of a good Gig ’em Week with high flying competitions, such as the Best Trick, Wakeskate Skeeball, and The Skinner Winner (new this year). The best wakeboarders in the area will throw down and leave it all out on the cable to battle for the top prize. So sit back, eat some food, grab a drink, and enjoy the best show to date on College Station’s only wakeboarding cable system!

Interested in competing? It is only $20 and spots are limited, sign up at the link below for a chance to win the $250 cash prize!

Click Here to Sign Up for the event.

Any other questions can be directed to Amy@BearX.com

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